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All District Football Roster Announced

(2017) District 7-A; Division II All-District Teams

Coach of the Year:  Clint Lowry, Blackwell

New Comer of the Year:  Cameron Coldiron, Fr., Blackwell

Offensive M.V.P.:  Hunter Clark, Sr., Blackwell

Defensive M.V.P.:  Joe Sanchez, Jr., Blackwell


1st Team All-District OFFENSE:

2 - Tight Ends:  1) Dakota Bowen, Jr., Highland      2) Kyler Walls, Sr., Blackwell

2 - Wide Receivers:  1) Baily Garrett, Sr., Highland     2) Javon Walthall, Sr., Loraine 

Tight Center: Kanyon Carper, Sr., Highland  

Spread Center: Orrin Sirmons, Sr., Blackwell 

Quarterback: Nolan Montgomery, Jr., Highland

2 - Running Backs:  1) Eli Sauer, Jr., Highland    2) Cameron Coldiron, Fr., Blackwell

Fullback: Richard Fomby, Jr., Highland   

Spreadback: Brandon Brinkman, So., Blackwell

Utility Back: Dakota Smith, Sr., Loraine

Kicker: Richard Fomby, Jr., Highland 

Special Teams Player: Giovanni Benivamondez, So., Loraine      


1st Team All-District DEFENSE:

Noseguard:  Baily Garrett, Sr., Highland 

3 - Defensive Linemen:           1) Cade McKee, Sr., Blackwell

2) Nathaniel Shipman, Fr., Blackwell

3) Max Ferguson, So., Highland

2 - Linebackers:  1) Dakota Bowen, Jr., Highland     2) Cameron Coldiron, Fr., Blackwell

2 - Cornerbacks:  1) Michael Lowry, So., Blackwell   2) Hayden Adams, Jr., Highland 

2 - Safeties:  1) Hunter Clark, Sr., Blackwell 2) Dakota Smith, Sr., Loraine

Utility Player: Nolan Montgomery, Jr., Highland

Punter: Corey Carriker, Sr., Trent


2nd Team All-District OFFENSE:

Tight Ends:  1) Hayden Kelly, Jr., Trent   2) Daniel Rush, Jr., Trent   3) Armando Gonzalez, Sr., Loraine

Wide Receivers:  1) Royce Angel, Jr., Loraine   2) Christian Galvan, So., Trent   3) Dylan Phillips, Sr., Highland

Tight Center: Jesus DeLeon, Sr., Loraine

Spread Center: Xander Bayne, Fr., Trent

Quarterback: Michael Lowry, So., Blackwell 

Running Backs:  1) Cadon Walthall, So., Loraine   2) Jordan Luckie, So., Trent    3) Jacob Hamilton, Fr., Highland

Fullback:  1) Nathaniel Shipman, Fr., Blackwell   

Spreadback: Giovanni Benivamondez, So., Loraine  

Utility Back: 1) William Smith, Jr., Loraine     2) Corey Carriker, Sr., Trent   

Kicker:  1) Kyler Walls, Sr., Blackwell

Special Teams Player:  1) Jonathan Mitchell, Sr., Highland 


2nd Team All-District DEFENSE:

Noseguard: 1) Michael Garcia, Sr., Loraine    2) Kila Sadumiano, So., Trent

Defensive Linemen:    1) Devan Clower, Fr., Blackwell

2) Hayden Kelly, Jr., Trent

3) Cadon Walthall, So., Loraine

Linebackers:  1) Corey Carriker, Sr., Trent     2) Daniel Finley, So., Loraine

Cornerbacks:  1) Richard Fomby, Jr., Highland       2) William Smith, Jr., Loraine 

Safeties:  1) Dylan Phillips, Sr., Highland        2) Hunter Perry, Jr., Blackwell   3) Daniel Rush, Jr., Trent

Utility Player:  1) Brandon Brinkman, So., Blackwell    2) Jacob Hamilton, Fr., Highland

Punter:  Andrew Nieto, Sr., Loraine