Blackwell Students Outstanding Student Congress (Debate) Competition Results

Emilee Sanderson, Cadi Powers, and Cami Davidson qualified for State Competition Congressional Debate.  In a very rare event all three girls advanced to the second day state finals. The day two finals are held inside the State Capitol building in Austin.  
This was Cami's first time advancing to compete in the state competition and is expected to return next year as a senior in high school.  There are high hopes that she will be in the medals next year.  No pressure Cami ;-)
Cadi Powers made her second trip as a competitor in the competition and earned a 6th place finish which is awarded a state level medal.  Cadi is a sophomore, so we are looking for more great finishes in the future.
Emilee Sanderson continues a remarkable high school career.  If there was a hall of fame for speaking contests like there is for sports, Emilee would be an easy shoo-in. 
Emilee finished State Runner Up overall in the student congress competition.  She also earned the coveted Outstanding Presiding Officer (performing speaker of the house duties for the chamber during the competition) honor.  Filling this role reduces her opportunity to speak during the debate portions of the contest, other wise she may very well have been the state champion overall. 
This makes Emilee's fourth UIL Speech/Debate medal and she is likely to earn two more this Spring.
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Cadi, Emilee, Cami - Day 2 Competition in the Texas State Capitol building
Cadi with her 6th place medal
Emilee with her 2nd place medal
Emilee with her Golden Gavel for Outstanding Presiding Officer
Cadi and Emilee with 1st-6th places for Texas class 1A
Emilee with her Golden Gavel with Texas classes 1A-6A