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Bond Overview

The Blackwell Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees unanimously voted to call for a School Bond Election for November 8, 2022.

The proposal was developed by the administration and presented to the Board of Trustees as a long-term plan that included a recommendation for implementation.

“I want to thank our board, staff, and advisors for their work over the past months to help get us to this point,” Blackwell CISD Superintendent Bryan Shipman said. “This decision is based on carefully considering all areas of need around our district while being fiscally responsible and good stewards for our community. Ninety-eight percent of the bond would be funded by wind and solar farms, so the actual impact would be 4 cents per month for the average homeowner.”

School districts in Texas do not receive state funding for renovating or building new schools. Districts, instead, must receive funds through school bond elections. The last Blackwell CISD bond passed 17 years ago. That package helped pay for much-needed replacements and repairs to school buildings. 

The 2022 Bond will ask voters to consider a $14.9 million package with four propositions.



Proposition A is $9.1 million and includes:

  • Safety and Security Improvements
  • Renovations and Upgrades
  • New Outdoor Court and Restrooms
  • New Buses
  • Career and Technology Education
  • Energy Efficiency


Proposition B is $2.7 million and includes:

  • Synthetic Turf at HS Football Stadium
  • Track Replacement and Upgrades
  • Visitor Press Box, Furniture, and Equipment
  • New Tennis Courts


Proposition C is $2.5 million and includes:

  • New Teacher Housing


Proposition D is $600,000 and includes:

  • Classroom Technology