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Blackwell Cheerleaders attend camp

Blackwell spirit squads attended UCA camp at ASU on July 23-26. Varsity won championship trophies in rally routine and cheer along with a runner up trophy in game day. JH/JV won a championship trophy in rally routine. Mascots won a championship trophy in game day.
Pictured L to R are:
Varsity - sophomore Darrian Kenney, junior Emilee Sanderson (All American), junior Jordan Jones (All American), sophomore Caitlin Lange (All American), sophomore Jadyn Feitshans, and sophomore Allison Panzer.
JH/JV - 7th grader Shelby Rasco, 9th grader Gloria Gonzalez (All American), 8th grader Autumn Clark (All American), 8th grader Luz Cano, 9th grader Tori Campos (All American), and 9th grader Cadi Powers.
JH/JV Mascot 9th grader Chloe McKinney.
Not pictured varsity mascot junior Haylee Cason.