Late start, Wednesday, February 20th at 10 AM. Buses two hours later than normal.

JH District Academic Contest Results

Many district rivals have as many as 40 JH students enrolled.  This is quite an accomplishment for a dozen to achieve. 
7th grade chess - 5th Karter Cummings
8th grade chess -  2nd Matthew Shipman, 4th Dylan Taylor, 1st team Blane Crosson
8th grade calculator - 2nd Matthew Shipman, 6th Blane Crosson, 2nd team Luz Cano
7th grade dictionary - 3rd Karter Cummings, 3rd team Jesus Gonzalez & Shelby Rasco
8th grade dictionary - 4th Matthew Shipman, 3rd team Luz Cano & Autumn Clark
7th grade editorial - 1st Karter Cummings & 5th Talia Campos
8th grade editorial - 2nd Matthew Shipman
7th grade impromptu - 6th Talia Campos
8th grade impromptu - 2nd Chris Geick & 3rd Dusty Boyd
7th grade listening - 5th Karter Cummings
7th grade maps, graphs, & charts - 6th Karter Cummings
8th grade maps, graphs, & charts - 1st Matthew Shipman, 3rd team Dusty Boyd & Dylan Taylor 
8th grade mathematics - 2nd Matthew Shipman, 3rd team Blane Crosson & Chris Geick
7th grade modern oratory - 4th Shelby Rasco & 5th Jesus Gonzalez
8th grade modern oratory - 4th Autumn Clark & 5th Luz Cano
8th grade number sense - 3rd Matthew Shipman, 3rd team Blane Crosson & Luz Cano
8th grade oral reading - 3rd Luz Cano & 5th Autumn Clark
7th grade ready writing - 4th Karter Cummings
8th grade ready writing - 3rd Dusty Boyd & 5th Matthew Shipman
7th grade science - 6th Shelby Rasco
8th grade science - 1st Matthew Shipman, 2nd team Chris Geick & Ethan Morris
8th grade spelling - 3rd team Luz Cano, Autumn Clark, & Dylan Taylor
7th grade social studies - 1st Karter Cummings
8th grade social studies - 3rd Ethan Morris, 2nd team Blane Crosson & Dylan Taylor