First day of school is August 14, 2019!  Meet the Hornets/Teacher will be August 12, 2019.

JH District Academic Contest Results

Many district rivals have as many as 40 JH students enrolled.  This is quite an accomplishment for a dozen to achieve. 
7th grade chess - 5th Karter Cummings
8th grade chess -  2nd Matthew Shipman, 4th Dylan Taylor, 1st team Blane Crosson
8th grade calculator - 2nd Matthew Shipman, 6th Blane Crosson, 2nd team Luz Cano
7th grade dictionary - 3rd Karter Cummings, 3rd team Jesus Gonzalez & Shelby Rasco
8th grade dictionary - 4th Matthew Shipman, 3rd team Luz Cano & Autumn Clark
7th grade editorial - 1st Karter Cummings & 5th Talia Campos
8th grade editorial - 2nd Matthew Shipman
7th grade impromptu - 6th Talia Campos
8th grade impromptu - 2nd Chris Geick & 3rd Dusty Boyd
7th grade listening - 5th Karter Cummings
7th grade maps, graphs, & charts - 6th Karter Cummings
8th grade maps, graphs, & charts - 1st Matthew Shipman, 3rd team Dusty Boyd & Dylan Taylor 
8th grade mathematics - 2nd Matthew Shipman, 3rd team Blane Crosson & Chris Geick
7th grade modern oratory - 4th Shelby Rasco & 5th Jesus Gonzalez
8th grade modern oratory - 4th Autumn Clark & 5th Luz Cano
8th grade number sense - 3rd Matthew Shipman, 3rd team Blane Crosson & Luz Cano
8th grade oral reading - 3rd Luz Cano & 5th Autumn Clark
7th grade ready writing - 4th Karter Cummings
8th grade ready writing - 3rd Dusty Boyd & 5th Matthew Shipman
7th grade science - 6th Shelby Rasco
8th grade science - 1st Matthew Shipman, 2nd team Chris Geick & Ethan Morris
8th grade spelling - 3rd team Luz Cano, Autumn Clark, & Dylan Taylor
7th grade social studies - 1st Karter Cummings
8th grade social studies - 3rd Ethan Morris, 2nd team Blane Crosson & Dylan Taylor