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Best in Blue From Area 2

For countless years, Blackwell FFA has been a vibrant force, embodying the spirit of commitment and community. With an enthusiastic cohort of around 40 dedicated students, we stand strong in our mission to champion agriculture and make a positive impact.

From riveting Leadership Development Events (LDEs) to competitive Career Development Events (CDEs), and the captivating world of Livestock Shows, we're at the forefront, fostering both learning and camaraderie.

At Blackwell FFA, we take pride in our holistic approach to student development. Our commitment goes beyond the classroom, creating well-rounded individuals who excel in every facet of life.

Join us on this remarkable journey! If you or your student seek more information or aspire to contribute to our community-driven legacy, don't hesitate to reach out to Bryce Barnett at [email protected].

Blackwell FFA Chapter Officers 2023-2024

Blackwell FFA Contest Dates

All Dates and Contests are subject to change

Students are allowed to do each of the following but are not required to participate.


Sep 5, 2023 District FFA Greenhand Day 2 PM Snyder


Oct 17, 2023 Garden City FFA Invitational LDE Contest 2 PM Garden City


Sep 25, 2023 ASU Invitational LDE Contest 2 PM Sterling City? TBA


Nov 1, 2023 Texas Tech Invitational LDE Contest Lubbock


Nov 6, 2023 New Home FFA Invitational 4:30


Nov 14, 2023 District FFA LDE Contest Ira 1 PM


Nov 18, 2023 Area 2 FFA LDE Contest Ira 8 AM


Dec 1, 2023 State FFA LDE Contest Huntsville 8 AM


Dec 16, 2023 Blackwell FFA Jingle Bell Jamboree 8 AM


January 10-13, 2024 Nolan County Livestock Show 


March 28, 2024 Sweetwater Invitational CDE 1 PM


Apr 5, 2024 ASU Invitational CDE 8 AM


Apr 6, 2024 Texas Tech Invitational CDE 8 AM


Apr 10, 2024 TSU Area CDE Contest 8 AM


April 12-13 2024 Texas Tech Area CDE 8 AM


May 2, 2024 District FFA Speaking Events 1 PM


May 14-15 2024 Area 2 FFA Convention ASU 8 AM


June 17-20 2024 Area 2 FFA Leadership Camp Big Spring


July 8-12 2024 State FFA Convention Dallas


July 22-26 2024 Texas AG Teacher Conference Dallas