Early Release March 26 at 1 PM

News and Announcements

Spring Picture Ordering

Spring sports picture money is due Wednesday, May 5th at lunch. Kindergarten graduation photos will receive proofs as soon as we get them; no money is due until you get the proofs.

Vaping at School

BCISD has received rumors that there are high school students attempting to vape at school. BCISD is investigating these rumors as vaping and vape products are not allowed at school. Students caught vaping or selling vape products at school can be sent to alternative school in Colorado City or have their transfer revoked. BCISD is asking parents to inspect their student’s belongings periodically to ensure that no vaping products are brought to campus. Please consider this as a warning of the consequences.


Due to a Windstream line cut, the phones at BCISD are still not working. Please use Dojo or email until further notice.