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Although the teacher has not yet tested positive, they WERE in close contact with someone who has been found positive for Covid-19. While at work, the teacher WAS following all protocols. All 8-12 students should be closely monitored for symptoms of Covid-19.

This teacher did not interact with 7th grade.
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Possible Covid on campus

A secondary teacher is absent today experiencing symptoms of Covid 19. The teacher was not in close contact with students and maintained all protocols. Please watch all 8-12 students for symptoms.
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Guidelines for home football games

Blackwell CISD is asking all people who voluntarily attend Hornet athletic events to abide by the Governor's executive orders.

Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available for usage and located at the concession stand. Blackwell CISD staff will not be policing masks or social distancing but rather, asking adults to be responsible in their choices for themselves and their children.

In accordance with UIL guidelines, only essential people are allowed on the track or field of play. Essential means coaches, players, managers, and cheerleaders. Parents are not allowed onto the field after the game.

Click the link above for information from the UIL regarding spectators.
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