News and Announcements

Cross Country workouts to begin

This coming Monday, August 2 from 8AM-11AM, will be the first official cross-country work out. This will be similar to what the girls have been doing this summer for their workouts. If you plan on participating in basketball this coming season it is encouraged that you make these cross-country workouts, even if that means you do not plan on competing in the cross country meets. This is for the benefit of not only yourself, but the team as a whole for this coming season. Please make sure to bring last seasons workout attire. If you have any questions please contact Coach Cronkright at

2021 Meet the Hornets/Meet the Teacher

August 13
Meet the Hornets at 5 PM (at the football stadium)
Meet the Teacher (immediately afterwards)
Football scrimmage at 6 PM

The junior class will operate the football concession stand.

Kindergarten and PreK transfer requests

BCISD will not accept any transfer requests for PreK and Kindergarten until AFTER August 23, 2021. This will allow the district to assess how many transfer spots are available.

Vaping at School

BCISD has received rumors that there are high school students attempting to vape at school. BCISD is investigating these rumors as vaping and vape products are not allowed at school. Students caught vaping or selling vape products at school can be sent to alternative school in Colorado City or have their transfer revoked. BCISD is asking parents to inspect their student’s belongings periodically to ensure that no vaping products are brought to campus. Please consider this as a warning of the consequences.
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