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Speech advances to state

Blackwell students won the regional speech team championship at ASU on Saturday, April 14th and advanced to the state meet at UT Austin on May 20th-22nd. Pictured are Emilee Sanderson (3rd place in LD debate and 3rd place in persuasive speaking), Shelby Panzer (2nd place in LD debate and 4th place in persuasive speaking), and Haylee Cason (2nd place in poetry interpretation).
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High school students impress at UIL academics

34 Blackwell students competed at district UIL in Garden City on Saturday, March 24th and came in 2nd to the much larger host school by just 18 points (489-471). The following students placed. 1st-3rd place individuals and 1st place teams compete at regionals at ASU on Friday-Saturday, April 13th-14th. 4th-6th place individuals and 2nd place teams will also attend as alternates.

Poetry Interpretation - Haylee Cason 1st, Emily Rasco 2nd, Jordan Jones 4th
Computer Science - 1st team - Mercedes Williams*, Vickie Davis, Elizabeth Meyer, Grant Gott*, Madison Solis*, Sam Brinkman* (*tied for 2nd individual)
Current Issues & Events- Madison Solis 5th
Ready Writing - Carli Powers 4th
Science - Hunter Clark chemistry alternate, Carola Savino physics alternate
Informative Speaking - Caleb Sirmons 2nd, Tori Scott 3rd, Caitlin Lange 6th
Accounting - 1st team - Jimmie Lewis, Devin Rasco, Elizabeth Meyer, Haylee Cason (6th individual), Madison Solis, Sam Brinkman
Copy Editing - Nathaniel Shipman 4th, Darrian Kenney 5th, Jadyn Feitshans 6th
Editorial Writing - Payton McKee 2nd, Carli Powers 5th
Feature Writing - Carli Powers 2nd, Kiley Cummings 3rd, Jordan Jones 4th
News Writing - Carli Powers 4th, Kiley Cummings 5th, Jordan Jones 6th
Prose Interpretation - Cambrey Coulter 1st, Allison Panzer 4th, Caitlin Lange 6th
Mathematics - 2nd team - Jimmie Lewis, Carola Savino, Mercedes Williams, Vickie Davis, Elizabeth Meyer, Katelyn Robertson (5th individual)
Social Studies - Brendan Scott 5th
LD Debate - Shelby Panzer 1st, Emilee Sanderson 2nd, Zachary Panzer 3rd
Spelling & Vocabulary - 2nd team - Katelyn Robertson (5th individual), Brandon Brinkman, Cameron Coldiron, Darrian Kenney
Persuasive Speaking - Emilee Sanderson 1st, Shelby Panzer 2nd, Orrin Sirmons 5th
Number Sense - 2nd team - Jimmie Lewis, Devin Rasco, Carola Savino (6th individual), Mercedes Williams, Vickie Davis, Elizabeth Meyer
Literary Criticism - 2nd team - Cambrey Coulter, Payton McKee, Carli Powers (1st individual), Haylee Cason, Jordan Jones, Darrian Kenney
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